Success stories

Rosa Angela Godoy Marquez

Founder of Alpacare

" Working with Andrea has been a fantastic experience. She has helped me to make fundamental shifts in my life and to transform the way I think, feel and behave.  I have learned new habits that make my life better every day. Every single session has been very fruitful and has helped me to work on my issues with a more positive attitude in life.


I have become more aware of myself and of my emotions and I have learned to be more solution oriented. This transformation goes beyond the coaching session because Andrea has given the tools and has showed me how to use them in many different situations which I continue doing. As a person, I am sure that anyone will find Andrea a very spiritual and caring person, able to reach to people’s hearts and put herself in other’s situations.


Thank you, Andrea, for coaching me, it really has been a transformational and fulfilling journey to me!! Thank you for helping realize that I am able to empower myself and that I always can be able to improve my situation." 

Doreen Bourachi

Life & Career  Coach


"  Andrea has helped me move forward towards achieving my goals in a creative and admirable way. 


Her style of coaching has helped me learn so much about myself and about the opportunities ahead of me.  She has also helped me overcome my challenges, and understand myself better.  
I have learned so much from her and want to thank her for getting me to where I'm today. 


Coaching with Andrea brought me clarity in terms of understanding my situation better and in terms of coping and accepting the outcome.  She has definitely improved my understanding of myself and the way to move forward. Thank you, Andrea, for being my great coach!"

Natalia Monje

Ernst & Young

Colombia / Argentina

"I'm truly grateful for the opportunity of having Andrea as my life coach. 

From the first moment, she created an atmosphere of trust and positivity. She listened to everything that was going on in my life and my mind and helped me see that the discomfort that I was feeling was my soul calling to do more.


She gave me tools that I am implementing every day to help me achieve a balance between my personal and professional life and with my true calling. She always displayed a positive attitude and made me feel sure I can achieve my objectives and dreams. She has encouraged me to dream again and to work to make that dream happen. 


Thank you, Andrea! "

Bea Martínez


Spain / Mexico

In just two coaching sessions I was able to get back the thrill for my projects and, most importantly, I was able to feel that I can. 


Now I have my business plan and all the energy to re-start and make it happen! 


And this happened because she listens to you, she feels your ideas and projects as her own, and she is a sweetheart.


Gracias Andrea!! I am on the way!! "

Supriya Thakwan

Novo Nordisk A/S


" Having coaching sessions with Andrea has truly enabled me to be more aware and intuitive about all aspects of my life.

From issues of having to let go of control to dealing with loneliness, Andrea has equipped me with advice and also changes that I am realistically able to use better deal with issues on a long-term scale.

Her energetic and positive approach to life and all the hardships that come along with it has truly been rewarding!"

Nada Mourad

Examination Officer


"The first time I spoke to Andrea, I felt like we have known each other for years. When it comes to working with a Life & Career Coach, both feeling comfortable and being able to trust are main factors and I was able to feel that way while working with her.

Andrea is a really good listener, very positive and full of energy. She helped me stay focus on what I really want to do and helped direct me to it by forming a couple of plans. This was something I found really difficult doing on my own. 

It was truly my pleasure to get to know Andrea and work with her. With her help and support, she was able to help me set a path for myself which I can now follow."  

Carla Ruiz


“Before making the decision to start coaching sessions, I thought of myself as a victim of fate and circumstances. I felt sorry for myself and I was afraid to move forward. From the very first communication with Andrea, I managed to clear my mind and feelings about myself. And then, session after session, I got more clarity and understanding.


Because of working with Andrea, I know myself better, and my self-worth and self-love have increased. I have learned to make decisions in spite of fear, and I have learned to cope better when things don't go as planned; as I know that my goal will always remain the same, I just need to adjust to a new plan to get there.


I also love the enthusiasm, good energy, and joy that Andrea puts into each session as well as into any idea, project or decision that I am taking. I am very satisfied and enthusiastic! I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone who would like to develop themselves and move forward with their lives. I know that she will be able to help you in the best possible way - just like she helped me!"

"It has been kind of a life changing experience to have gone through the " 3 month coaching program with Andrea. I have gained greater awareness of myself, of my thoughts, emotions, and reactions.


I feel now like a stronger woman, where I am also more conscious of who I am and what my boundaries are. I have also become better at standing up for myself and saying no. Andrea has been very open and flexible in her approach, and she has been committed to supporting me along my journey and caring about my well-being.


I would very much recommend Andrea as a coach; she has definitely helped me to realize where my fears come from and helping me with finding tools that can help me to deal with them. Thanks for your support and guidance Andrea! :) "


Irene Yu Limschou

Novo Nordisk A/S


" Andrea helped me address issues and concerns starting my own company, both practically and emotionally. She has convinced me to look forward to and rejoice about the future, instead of worrying about it. She is engaging and cheerful, she has a practical approach to things, combined with great compassion. She will continue to be a part of my life."


Lisbeth Møller


"Working with Andrea has given me more insight and awareness on my patterns of life, emotions in givingcertain situation and what I need to change my life for the better. It has been a fruitful journey and fun to work with her. I have gained many tools and a solid foundation for future self-development. My future holds a more positive, less controlling and peaceful mind-set thanks to the collaboration with Andrea. I believe that future clients will find her service excellent and her person trustworthy since she is always ready to go the extra mile to help.


Thanks for a great collaboration Andrea! You definitely made it easy to look forward with more positivity."


Lily Ha


" Andrea is an exceptional life coach. Her approach to tackling life’s problems is refreshing and effective. She recognizes that personal growth will not happen overnight yet that sitting back and waiting for things to happen is equally not going to get you anywhere. She is the kick-in-the-pants that all of us need from time-to-time!


Andrea is also expert at guiding clients to look deeply into the root cause of some of our most engrained behaviors so that we may gain insight into who we are—the first and most important steps on the path to making positive change in our lives. Also loved the many resources she provided. Let’s clients revisit session topics anytime a refresher is needed! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andrea’s services to anyone who is sincerely ready to bring positive change to their lives."


Alex Morris


" To be coached by Andrea has given me more clarity and direction of my life. She has helped me with insights, and what is really important in my daily life, both personal and professional.  I have become better in setting my boundaries and being more clear when to say yes and no, both in written and oral.


Furthermore, she has given me some very good tools for time management to ensure I am running my day. I have been challenged by her but in a good way. One of her really good competencies, is making complex problems, more simple. She quickly gets the overview and ensures we together find the root cause. Brilliant!


Rome was not built in one day, - and I must also realize that it takes some time to change habits, both in my way of thinking and working, but I have been given some very good and simple tools to continue with. Therefore, I give her my very best recommendations! "


Jytte Holm

Novo Nordisk A/S