"From exhaustion and feeling lost, to a passionate and flowing life"

“A note from Andrea” 

Hello sunshine! Most likely, you are a very driven and determined person. You are a go-getter and you usually achieve all the goals you set in your mind. But right now, you feel completely and utterly stuck.  Something is keeping you restless, and you can’t pinpoint exactly what the next step in your life and career is.


"Oh no! I have to go to work" is how you feel every morning.

You know that you are meant to be and do something extraordinary but right now you are not happy at your current job and you know that something needs to change.

You have gotten signs along the way that it’s time for a change but you don’t know how to do that or most importantly towards what. What is ‘that thing’ that will help you move forward to creating a life of full freedom, joy, and excitement.  And that is what is keeping you stuck – because you know that as soon as you know your ‘it’ - your goal, your purpose, that next step -, you will make everything to make it happen.


And I would like to say to you that no matter how you are feeling right now, you are ok and I got you. I understand where you are right now as I was in that same situation before. And I want to assure you that you have all the answers within you.  Most likely the day-to-day activities, your loyalty towards the company you are working on, and your sense of responsibility have overpowered your sense of self and you just need some guidance on getting back to you again.


For a long period of time, you have invested in getting a good education and developing your professional skills. You have invested in your mind and all the knowledge needed to land the job you have right now. But now that your soul is calling, you feel and you know that it’s time to invest in your heart and soul. ^

What can coaching with me do for you?

In short, move forward.



Frustrated, discouraged, powerless, dissatisfied, low, stuck, blocked, hopeless, resistant, restless, negative, with no energy, lost, unsure, tense, stressed



Confident, connected, free, harmonious, present, passionate, blissful, joyful, thankful, lighthearted, optimistic, motivated, balanced, unburdened, supported, relaxed, courageous



  • FROM waking up in the morning completely demotivated and dreading to go to work, TO wake up excited, happy and ready to go about the day.

  • FROM feeling stagnant in your professional and personal life, TO develop yourself in ways you did not think of before.

  • FROM feeling drained of energy almost every day, TO feel truly alive and inspire all the time.

  • FROM having no idea of what your next step is, TO have more clarity on your purpose, what lights you up and a clear direction of where you want to go and the steps you need to take to make that a reality.

  • FROM feeling lost and restless, TO finding yourself back again.

  • FROM longing a change in your life, TO have a new mindset and habits that support you in creating a life in your own terms.  

  • FROM living a ‘robotic’ kind of life, TO living your life in gratitude, in the present moment and with spiritual practices that you can’t live without.

  • FROM feeling fearful and overwhelm about challenges, TO let life flow without being in control mode and trust that life happens FOR you, not TO you.

  • FROM leading with your mind, TO start leading with your heart and soul. You trust your heart, and your instincts and you act on them. You can no longer deny the signs that are happening around you, and as you start acting on those signs, you feel more aligned and balanced, and life seems to flow better and effortlessly. 

How do we achieve this?

The Rise & Shine Program is a 5-step process that I have created based on specific themes and coaching techniques to help you move from exhaustion  and self-doubt to .


I incorporate a mentoring, spiritual and solution oriented coaching on this program to help you move forward towards a more fulfilling and happy life.



The Rise & Shine Program is a 5-step process that I have created based on specific themes and coaching techniques to help you move from exhaustion  and self-doubt to .


I incorporate a mentoring, spiritual and solution oriented coaching on this program to help you move forward towards a more fulfilling and happy life.



MOVE FORWARD Coaching Program


It is a 12-week program based on five specific phases to help you gain more clarity and move from exhaustion and feeling lost to a more fulfilling and happy life.


I incorporate mentoring and solution-oriented coaching on this program, together with specific workbooks that allow us to explore your desires, motivation, values as well as your current challenges and fears.


All of this so we can create a strategy and specific actions that will lead you where you want to be. 

Phase 1:  Assess the present


Where are you now? What is important for you? 


Here we set the basis towards our work together. We assess your current situation and work on a roadmap towards where you want to go. I will use a specific coaching tool called The Wheel to help you plan and prioritize your next steps.



Who would you be and what would you do if there were no limitations? Here we will work towards discovering what you really want, who you want to be and what values are important to you. We will also make sure that any blocks and limiting beliefs are addressed in order to find the clarity you are looking for. 


Sometimes we tend to unconsciously sabotage ourselves, so it's important that we address any fears and objections that could hold you back. I will also assist you to overcome inner obstacles and find solutions with coaching tools based on visualization.



You need to have a solid foundation to move forward, your mindset.  Your mindset is key in your path to success and I will support you towards building and strengthen a growth mindset via an ‘out with old, in with the new mindset’ approach.


In order to make sure things go in flow, it is also important that you are aligned. This means that your thoughts, feelings, and actions are consistent. Otherwise, you will not be walking the talk and all the effort you will put into starting a new life, create new habits or just simply change something will feel very hard to achieve.



Phase 5: Grounding 


You are doing an excellent job towards your new life. A mindset shift, a more enlightened day, a more empowered you and synchronicities in your life appear more frequently. Now it is important that we make sure that what you have learned is fully grounded to make it happen consistently.












Practical Details


  • I incorporate mentoring, and solution-oriented coaching on this program to help you move forward towards a more fulfilling and happy life.

  • We will work with specific tools, resources, and practical assignments.  

  • Inner work for this program is key. Therefore, you will get workbooks that will bring awareness on specific topics to support your development.  Each workbook has been carefully designed for each phase and contains information and powerful questions that will help you start on your inner work.

  • The program has a total of 12 weeks and it is layout as follows:


    Week 1:  Intensive Session (2 Hours)


    Week 2:  Workbook for Phase 2 is released for your completion

    Week 3:  Coaching Session (45 mins)

    Week 4:  Coaching Session (45 mins)


    Week 5:  Workbook for Phase 3 is released for your completion

    Week 6:  Coaching Session (45 mins)

    Week 7:  Coaching Session (45 mins)


    Week 8:  Workbook for Phase 4 is released for your completion

    Week 9:  Coaching Session (45 mins)

    Week 10: Coaching Session (45 mins)

    Week 11:  Coaching Session (45 mins)

    Phase 5: GROUNDING

    Week 12:  Coaching Session (45 mins)


  • FOLLOW UP: You also get one follow up coaching session (30 mins) 1 month after you finish the program.

  • Coaching sessions are 1:1 and can be done in English or Spanish. But please note that the workbooks are currently in English.

  • Coaching sessions are delivered via Skype. If desired, they can also take place in person, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The spots for this program are limited,



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Why working with me?


Because I've been there! There was a time in my life where I felt stuck in my life and career. I was not sure what I wanted to do in life and it was extremely difficult for me to wake up every morning and go to work. Every day felt like an energy drain and it seemed like life was just passing me by. I felt more like an observant of my life rather than playing the leading role in my life.  


Now I have a clear direction personally and professionally. I enjoy taking responsibility and accountability for my life and love supporting people achieving that for themselves. 


And if you want a little bit more info, click here to know more about my professional and educational background. Or here , to read the success stories of my clients.